As longtime expats and as travelers ourselves we know that the best way to experience a place is to visit it with the suggestions of local friends.

Our aim is being your local friend in Italy, combining insider tips with professional expertise and a trusted network of reliable suppliers.

Luxury of Freedom

The freedom to follow your own pace and indulge your passions. The freedom to go off the beaten track.The freedom to be surprised by people and places. This freedom is the ultimate luxury in travelling



An international approach for a truly Italian experience

Surprises, NOT inconveniences

When travelling, what we look for are surprises and discoveries, not unexpected inconveniences. That’s why a careful selection of trusted suppliers and partners is crucial to us, as well as an accurate double-checking on every single detail


 Two long-life friends that had walked different paths decided to give life to this project combining their opposite skills: international expertise and local knowledge

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”
Michael Jordan

Daniela Occhionero

Founder – Managing Director

After having graduated in law I embarked on an international route, which brought me first in Canada to improve my English and then to Asia where I lived for several years, working both in the hospitality and in the communication field and improving my skills in customer relationship and account management. But what made me really grew in term of working capability has been my motherhood of twins. Kids can be the most hardline bosses you can ever have! They truly teach you how to better manage your time and fullfill all your tasks.

Alessandro Pinciani

Founder – Event Manager

I’m a lawyer…but you wouldn’t think! I believe in good politics and in giving value to the Country, to which I have always dedicated my commitment, both political and working. For 8 years I have had the burden and honor to take up a post as public administrator of an important local institution in Tuscany, dealing – among other things – cultural activity and land protection. At the end of my term, the natural consequence has been the desire to carry on an activity that would allow travelers to know and appreciate Italy and its hidden treasures

Virginia Monaci

Intern, special focus on Nordic Countries

I’m the definition of a multitasker but also a “multi-task learner”, always up for new challenges.

Hillevi House

Intern, special focus on USA and Scandinavian Countries

Years of studying gave me knowledge and expertise, but traveling is what shaped me into the person I am.


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in bespoke travel